Thursday, November 15, 2012

How about our Amendments?

Elvis Presley
I recently realized that I haven't told you something which I find kind of cool. I'm a woman (jeez, typed in girl first!). You know women, we have our idols. Generations before me have had greats like Frank "Chairman of the Board" Sinatra, Elvis "Has left the building" Presley, Tom "take my undies" Jones, Sean "Bond, James Bond" Connery... Well. My dude, my ultimate king of men is - drumroll please - William Jefferson Clinton!!!

And after all that's happened in the last few weeks, I've decided to boycot the 22nd amendment of the constitution. Why? Because this man should return to the White House. Hey, if FDR did it four times, Bill can come in any day he wants.

Just think back. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths for your health. Imagine you have traveled back in time. It's 1992. Ah. Everything is much better now, right? Economy is better. More available jobs. Taxes raised on the rich. And after 8 loving and interesting years... we get a gift. A huge surplus. Why thank you, Mr. Clinton. You rock.

Now, if I count back from three to one, you will slowly get back into reality.

Three: thousands of people either jobless, poor, struggling to make it or dead by terrorism or by war - instigated by a small trigger happy cowboy who loves to go on vacations.

Two: private no-bid contracts to friends in the government making many people rich. Go Halliburton! Hope you clean up good the neighborhood!

One: a president who can't even say Nuclear right, even once. And those are just tidbits. We won't go into the Pet Goat incident. Just too painful.

Yeah. Reality is a drag. Right?

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